IDE Autocompletion and Multiple definitions exist for class Yii

Hello. I found IDE Autocompletion script in yii2 cookbook. But I have "Multiple definitions exist for class Yii" hint in PhpStorm at every Yii:: class call. When I mark vendor/yiisoft/yii2/Yii.php as Text - nothing happens.

I’ve initied composer in my project and have marked vendor dir as excluded.

Also I have "Namespace reference is not case-sensitive" in

use Yii;

How to solve this? Is this IDE bug?

PHPStorm 2016.1.1

Last composer and Yii2

"Namespace reference is not case-sensitive" is IDE bug: Should be OK in next versions.

“Multiple definitions exist for class Yii” means there are more than one classes in the project with the same name. If you’ll CTRL+click the class name it will give you a list of these classes.

thanks, but link is 404.

I know what does it mean, but when I mark original Yii.php as plain text - nothing happens. Maybe there is some tricks in project configuration?

Remove . at the end of it.

Ok, thanks. I thought there was more elegant solution :)