hi guys, does anyone know if exists an step by step tutorial of how to build an dropdown lenguage seclector that just by selecting the language the system instantly change, just like the oficial website of yii framewok do.

i alredy saw the Setting and maintaining the language in Application (i18n) and the internalization special topic of the oficial website and all I could do was this

<?php Yii::app()->setLanguage(‘es’);

	echo Yii::t('primary','Hello World'); ?&gt;

and define this

<? return array( ‘Hello World’=> ‘Hola Mundo’,

‘Active record class “{class}” does not have a scope named “{scope}”.’ => 'La classe Active record « {class} n\‘a pas de scope nommé « {scope} ».’,

); ?>

in the messages > es > primary.php file

and it works, but i don’t get it how yii framework manage the lenguage selection

You mean like this?