I18N And Yii::t()

I started playing with the Yii translation service and it seems understandable.

3 Questions (well for starters)

1 – From a best Yii practice standpoint how is a good way to manage the translation files? I have seen some that have a translation file for each view, or might it be better to just build a single translation file (the app is 3 pages at this point).

2 – Where shouldn’t I use it? I want to use it in the views which is obvious, but is it OK to use for such things as field validation error messages and related field name attributes in the model?

3 – I saw mention of a caching mechanism for this, is that something that can be set in the Main.php appliction code?



I think you should go with this link.

You’ll get exact idea about how to configure the translation files in your project.

Thanks, I have looked at that and it answered a few questions. I still need to set the caching of the translation data, but I’ll have to read a bit more. I’m guessing it’s a one line addition to the config/main.php