i18n and Gettext


I’m having a hard time using gettext with Yii…

All my to-be-translated stuff looks like :


Yii::t('app', 'Translate me, please!');

but I can’t get to configure POEdit properly :

  1. where do I put the generated PO files, what should be the structure? and how con configure it?

  2. how do I tell POEdit that the function to watch for is “Yii::t” , and not just “t” (right now, when I tell POEdit to look for “Yii::t”, it doesn’t find anything, and when I use “t”, it finds all the translations of already translated extensions or modules…)

I know those might seem stupid questions, but I googled and could’nt find a clear answer. If you have a link, I’m a buyer!