I Would Like To Know Your Oppinion About Something

This question is not related to yii that much, but still I would like to know the oppinion of YOU people who use Yii.

Why developers preffer LAMP over WAMP ? Is it a must to develop applications on Linux platform ? I mean what is the problem to make it on windows and then just host it on Linux, it is not like it won’t work ?

Also I would like to know, what does Yii "preffer" ? Is it better to develop Yii aps on windows or Linux ? I am sure that everyone will host it on Linux servers, but looking at the way how Yii was built, it seems like it is intended to be used on Linux OS.

Please feel free to share your experience and toughts.

The number 1 reason that made me choose Linux was the lower cost of the infrastructure.

But this is disputed.

I develop on Windows, but I have a development environment running Linux on a VM.

That is: the IDE I use runs on Windows, but the app I’m writing runs on Linux.

Probably since the misc components of your web service (http server, db, php stack) runs more natively on Linux than Windows. Lower costs of software and greater flexibility are contributing factors as well and over-weigh the greater expertise required to handle Linux.


if you devlope a Linux it’s fine but if u devlope a windows and move this on linux server so some time may be case-sesitive issue coming so preferably almost use on linux…so not any case-sensitive issue…

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Ankit Modi

Well, to add on everything that’s been said before: I think most people find it desirable to develop and test on a system that is close to the environment the product is going to be deployed on. Although the *AMPP-stack is supposed to behave the same on every underlying OS, there might be some subtle differences that are quite hard to spot. case-sensitive filesystems as mentioned by Ankit Modi are a perfect example for that.

On top of that, I like doing a lot on the command line. And the Windows PowerShell is simply no match to gnome-terminal/bash ::)

Hi my friend

I use both of windows (localhost) and linux (online) system

The disadvanages I noted on windows is the difficult manipulation (especially on the wamp) of phpunit and cache mechanism like xcache, APCache and memcache.

I am programmer both for web and desktop applications, so I can’t use only linux system. This is the only reason I use windows :)

I wasn’t aware “most” people did develop their Yii apps in Linux and find no problems at all developing on Windows with Xampp or the likes.

I myself have noticed Yii seems perhaps even more popular in Eastern Europe and beyond. Indeed many of the development team come from those areas.

By coincidence, Linux adoption also seems more popular in those areas http://royal.pingdom.com/2008/08/21/linux-popularity-across-the-globe/

Perhaps that’s why some writing/coding examples use Linux related terms or assumptions.