I Want To Write A Jquery Code In Mycontroller

Hello guys,

I want to write a jquery code in mycontroller/Show,like this;

public function Show(){


jQuery("#block").animate( { width: "100%","opacity": "show"}, { queue: false, duration: 2000 });



and then call this function in mycontroller/actionIndex like this;

public function actionIndex(){



anyone suggest me how I can do better this? It is necessary to use this method in controller…

You are mixing server side code (PHP) with client side code (JS).

You could use a php variable to pass from action’s controller to

view’s controller, as a flag.

For example:


function actionIndex()


     $activateShow = true;

     $this->render('Show', array('activateShow' => $activateShow));



<?php if ($activateShow) { ?>

       <?php Yii::app()->clientScript->registerScript('js_show', '

                  jQuery("#block").animate( { width: "100%","opacity": "show"}, { queue: false, duration: 2000 });

        <?php '); ?>

<?php } ?>

So when $activateShow is true, the js code will be inserted in view.

Hello Dear Friend,

I can’t use render method because when actionIndex() call , it si redirect to another site… so meantime I want to show animiton bar,

Please can you specify me where I can register this function

and then I want to call this function in my mycontroller actionIndex. if you can this,

I am using this method in my controller actionIndex

but get this error

. Where I can put my function and then call into my controller.thanks in advance.