I want to use Yii 2.0 but confuse to choose templates

Hi, I need some help please,I want to install yii 2.0 but I am confuse which template should I use.basic or advance template…I am still learning yii and I want to know which one should I choose to download templates.

Thank you in advance.

Going on that post, you should probably use the basic template if you’re only going to have a single entry point (i.e. www.example.com and not an additional dashboard.example.com, etc.)

It shouldn’t make a difference as far as templating is concerned though.

I actually found the advanced template easier to work with, it comes with a functional user model out of the box, along with password recovery, as oppossed to basic where you have to set that up. For advanced, you just need 2 host entries, one for frontend and the other for backend. if you are using xammp, then this post will help. Plus it seems to me that eventually you will want frontend/backend separation, so it’s nice that they already lay it out for you. There are more ways to do it of course, but I found, especially in the very beginning, it was a nice structure to start with.

what does it mean exactly? do i need 2 hosts?is it possible to explain more

thanks so much

Adanced template have two applications under same domain sharing some resources

Checkout the guide, download both and see the difference

Thank you for enlighten my mind.