I want to create user's top

Hi, I want to create my users top, I order by points…

I’m wondering just what is the best way to go…

I have inside laoyout directory, a view _sideBlock

I need to use it, cause the widget will be side column block,

When I extend CWidget and do ->render

I get a message that the

How can I give it the path?

The widget is inside components… the view is inside my theme as I described above

If we will look at the blog example, one can notice that the widget’s views are right near in the components…

But why copy paste? there isn’t a way to give it the path ? :(

I think this may help you out.

(not tested)


It returns the view path (application\components\views), I need to take the view from the current theme… :rolleyes:

Just like in controller I use


Need the same from inside CWidget via it’s render, the documentation not helping :(

If listen to documentation the view is searched in themes/basic/views/Foo/xyz.php

Where Foo is CWidget name… and ‘xyz’ is the view

But as I described I need it to be tacken from the global theme, layout/_sideblock.php

This is the best I got , very ugly… but don’t found another solution

$this->renderFile(Yii::app()->theme->basePath . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . 'views' . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . 'layouts' . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . '_sideBlock.php', array(...

If you define different themes, at least you should be able to get the corresponding view path "ThemeID/views/ClassName" by setting the checkTheme parameter.

I suppose you have a good reason not to include the widget itself in a sublayout like the Gii generated column1.php.

Sorry for not being able to help. I still have to find out more about best practice implementing modular layouts.