I wanna translate pagination into russian


  1. I want to localize into russian the pagination. (Next, prev etc.) I 've noticed, that in folder “message/ru/yii.php” file exist. how to make so, that yii will use this language file?

in general, how to use localization file with funtion Yii::t(). Can’t figure it out.

Thanks in advance.

Instead you should initialize CLinkPage Widget with parameters overriden.




	    'nextPageLabel'=>'Назад >',

	    'prevPageLabel'=>'< Вперед',

	    'firstPageLabel'=>'<< В самое начало',

	    'lastPageLabel'=>'В самый конец >>',




By default, the labels in CLinkPager should already be localized.

You may also configure the pager’s properties, such as nextPageLabel, firstPageLabel, so that they fit better for you.

Dear Qiang,

I can’t configure language correctly







Something is wrong.

Yes, it’s possible. But I want system itself translate it.

I found problem.

It was very simple.

I’ve gotta write this in config file without any coreMessages class.

Write just this one string.


It’s all.

Know I am interesting about i18n folder. How could I use that?

This part is covered by Definite Guide to Yii (ru).

Moreover you’re always welcome to put the same question more precise in your native language in Yii Forum Russian.