i this a bug?

hello everyone, i have a serious problem when i try to update my form and i want to know if this is a bug, my form update very well in linux but when i pass my application to windows my update fails and i don’t why, it’s only the update because when i create a new record it’s works, i change my dblib connection for mssql in windows, i don’t know if this cause the problem, this is my controll

public function actionUpdate($id)














i set my primary key in my model, because the table doesn’t have primary key, and the weird of this, is that only i have this error when i update my record, i hope that someone can help me and sorry for my english


"13808.0" looks weird for an id. Are you sure you load and save using the same PK?

I think there may be some issue with your table structure and/or your model.

well, my primary key is fine, i set my primary key in my model and is the same with the controller,

public function primaryKey()


          return 'NUMERO';


the weird of this is that i only have this problem in windows, because in linux works without problems, i don’t know if can be a problem with the pdo_driver for sql server in windows, because in linux i used dblib and for windows change to mssql, i was thinking the same that maybe can be a problem with the table of the db but if was a problem with the structure table would not work with linux, so really i need to solve this problem, please, someone to help me, don’t disappoint me yii developers

On the pictures there is no error message… Do you get any error message?

Can you get the SQL line that is executed and try to do it manually to see what is the exact error message?

well, i don’t know if this problem can be in the function save, because if i execute my query without the function save, like a manual query, it works, so finally i don’t know if the problem can be in the function save or in the pdo_driver for windows because in linux my update works. This is my controller without function save and it works



  $command=$connection->createCommand("UPDATE PEDIDO2H

			               SET CLIENTE = $model->CLIENTE,

		                       FECHA = '".$_POST['tra_pedido2h']['FECHA']."',

				       VENDEDOR = $model->VENDEDOR,

				       REFERENCIA4 = '$model->REFERENCIA4',

				       RENGLONES = $model->RENGLONES

				       WHERE NUMERO = $model->NUMERO");



sorry, is not work with my query, is the same error and i think that maybe is problem with my primary key because the function loadModel returns my id with a 0, like 13808.0 because in my table the ID NUMERO is defined with a presicion, but i don’t understand why in linux doesn’t return the 0

finally i solve the problem

glad to hear that… but how? Maybe someone will face the same problem.

Nice SQL injections possible here :)

yeah thanks, well actually my problem was with the dates, in Linux my dates was fine, but in Windows returns different, maybe for the regional configuration, so i format my dates since javascript with this

 $('#FECHA').change(function(event) {

		    var fecha = this.value;

		    var fecha_c = fecha.substring(6,11) + '-' + fecha.substring(0,2) + '-' +  fecha.substring(3,5);

		    $('#model_FECHA').val(fecha_c); //y-d-m


so my codesource was fine, but SQL Server rejected my dates for the format that i give