I strange some functions of yii 1.1

I got tired of looking for the best alternative; I had developed a large application with Yii 1.1.x; but then Yii2 appeared completely different and rewrite everything again in Yii2; the best thing is not to do it because YII3 comes with more dramatic changes. What I can tell you is that I started to review Laravel and it seemed like a great option, however I realized that to do the views with blade and any JS framework, if you use Ajax, practically everything has to be done by hand. Unlike YII 1.1x that had encapsulated the onChange events of the Forms in their same methods, the inevitable fn.GgridView.update () was a wonderful thing that is very strange. It seems that this will not be in Yii3 either since they will not even include PJAX anymore.

Hi Geus,

I’m not sure about the point you’re trying to make. Things change, yes.

Yii2 is an evolution of yii 1 and came with a great deal of changes.

Yii 3 is yii2 rethought, and adapted to today’s requirements in term of modern development techniques.

Software need to evolve, so do we as developers.

Feel free to comment back with concrete problems you foresee with yii3, we’ll be more than happy to discuss that.

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I’m still using 1.1 and happy with it

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