I Receive A Blank Screen When I Upload My Web Application To A Domain

hi guyz i have a problem that when i upload my site it just only give a blank white page what is the problem for testing purposes i tried a simple web application uploaded but its not working where should i make changes before uploading any idea??

now it is giving error 500 i have googled i found that there is a problem in .htaccess file but it is not clear any one have any idea plz help…

I would do such steps:First of all make sure it’s really a server related problem - echo any string right in the beginning of your index.php file and exit script execution. If the string is rendered, make sure to set YII_DEBUG to true and have proper error_reporting level and php.ini display_errors is turned on in your index.php file to see all the errors rendered.


        defined('YII_DEBUG') or define('YII_DEBUG', true);


    ini_set('display_errors', true);

If index.php string isn’t rendered then check your server error logs.

And if you think it’s .htaccess problem, comment out all the lines in it for a start.

In most of times, that means you do not have index file or your index.php has not a correct permission, change your index.php permission to 644 in other hand you should change the permission of all files in your app to 644 and change the permission of all folders to 755

As you PMed me

start with this: put this line into your index.php file (which is located in the root of your application) right in the beginning:


echo 'Hey'; exit;

Reload index.php page in your browser and check what you see.

[size="2"]2. If you see a blank screen, you need to check error logs of your server – where to look for them depends on your actual environment.[/size]

[size=“2”]3. If you see ‘Hey’ rendered, then the problem is with your application.[/size]

[size=“2”]Put these lines in the beginning of your index.php file instead of echo ‘Hey’;exit;[/size]


    defined('YII_DEBUG') or define('YII_DEBUG', true);


    ini_set('display_errors', true);

According to these lines any error should become visible to you at a browser page.

P.S. If you will have any further questions, please ask here. Somebody else may also be able to help you with other ideas. Furthermore, this discussion may be helpful someone else in the future.

it displayed me the ‘hey’ but when i replaced that as u said it gave me this error

Warning: require_once(/var/www/vsftpd/m.qau/test/../yii/framework/yii.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /var/www/vsftpd/m.qau/test/index.php on line 13 Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required ‘/var/www/vsftpd/m.qau/test/../yii/framework/yii.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/share/php:/usr/share/pear’) in /var/www/vsftpd/m.qau/test/index.php on line 13

i copied the yii files on the server now it throws this exception…(my web app name is test)

Application runtime path "/var/www/vsftpd/m.qau/test/protected/runtime" is not valid. Please make sure it is a directory writable by the Web server process.

Jeez… just create the runtime folder under protected folder and chmod it to 0777.

Yii is a PHP framework, it assumes you have minimal LAMP knowledges in order to use it.

If you don’t know, you should switch to a simpler framework, do yourself a favor :)

You are right but i am doing my educational project for learning, i finished my requirements and now i just want to deploy it… :)

can you explain i have already a runtime folder but its empty don’t know what to do next…

chmod 777 your_web_site_folder/* -R

thank you i did it… :)