I Need To Clone Social Engine Cloud


I need to clone Social Engine Cloud. SE Cloud has 2 versions. (google Social Engine Cloud)

Pinterest Layout:

Reddit Layout:

I want my clone to be a mix of these 2. Both use almost the same functionality, the difference is in the layout of the the frontpage and categories.

I’d like my clone to be multilingual. The main language of the site is going to be Arabic and RTL, with the ability for users to change it to English or French.

I want the user to be able to choose which layout he wants, pinterest or reddit and the homepage should change accordingly.

Users will be able to submit links to videos, images, articles and the site should grab the thumbnail, title and description if it exists.

Would like to have upvote/downvote system only (not ‘like’) and the frontpage should display items based on their submission time, number of votes it has and number of comments. The algorithm should be robust.

And AJAX of course. Like SE Cloud it uses modal boxes for login page and whatnot, I want that too.

This is a very rough draft of the things I want. But most importantly I want to clone SE Cloud using Yii Framework.

Please let me know how much would this cost.

Hi Snitz,

I have just sent you Personal message. Please have a look at it.

I would like to discuss with you more on this.

Please add me in your Skype: xdezines

Look forward for your quick and positive response.

Cheers :)

Chirag Patel

Cloning a site is not so easy because you can’t see everything on the backend. Making a frontend clone is simpler, but for the full scope of the platform, you really need to detail out what you need (vs. just saying “I need a clone”). We can help if you do that… we always start with a “Discovery & Design” phase in which we create those deliverables with/for you. If you need help with that, let us know.


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