I Need An Small Advice

[left]Hello all Yii’s Developers,

I want to bulid a small website using jquery and bootstrap,

the website have some daynamic pages like new news and some artical just this tow pages with multilingual,

i want to use yii to make admin panel to manage these pages , and get the data for front end to show to websites guests

my question about is there any template or extension to handel this small requerment , i know yii is a very big framework for large websites ??[/left]

[left]please advice me :slight_smile: with thanks[/left] :rolleyes:

You don’t need a framework for that. You need CMS.

Use wordpress.

First thanks man :slight_smile:

i found some yii extensions what you think ?

ex: Yii-bootstrap and this one http://www.yiiframework.com/extension/cms

Once again, if all that you need is just a simple site - you can use things that were developed for that kind of stuff.

Like, you know, unzip, copy, run - that’s all.

But if you want to play with Yii - go ahead, Yii is cool. Still you’ll need to do some things by yourself.

I have no idea what are these extensions, sorry. Haven’t used them.

Thanks alot man you help me , best regards :slight_smile: