I miss a visitors statistics or web stats extension

Hello there,

I have searched in all the yii forum and the yii extensions section but I couldn’t find any extension or module related with web or visitor stats.

Searching in google I found some resources and tutorials in php+myql, but I better prefer to have any yii integrated extension, does anybody has one? any interesting code about how to do it with yii?

For what I could see this is the best cool practices:

  • Filter out search engine robots:[list]
  • Using an array to filter out hits
  • Using ajax to make the update request from client side (robots doesnt make any ajax request)

[]Grab all the possible user information: ip, timestamp, browser, so, referer, keywords, etc.[]Optimize the basedata updates[/list]Another 2 possibilities are:

  • an extension working with some third party platform like piwiki, webalizer, etc.

  • an extension working with apache logs

Thanks in advance,


I did an application for manage logs.

I include a js wich requires in an hidden iframe a page of the logging application wich write the logs.

Al parameters you need (ip, timestamp, browser, so, referer) can be extracted by $_SERVER, the keyword are in the referer from google or yandex or any other search engine