I have problems with URL rewrite


I have some problem with Url Rewrite.

It’s possible to rewrite the urls:

/index.php?r=page/view&id=1 to /contact.html

/index.php?r=news/view&id=1 to /news/1/new’sTitle.html

Can anyone help me with the rules?

Thank you.

Did you read this?


Yes, I did but I wasn’t able to make the rules :D

Can you explain a bit better your idea?

How can the same page have 2 different slugs?

I don’t know what you mean.

I solved my problem. I added the following rules:

‘contact.html’=>array(‘page/view’,‘defaultParams’=>array(‘id’=>3), ‘caseSensitive’=>false),

‘<controler:news>/<id:\d+>/<seo:.+>’ => array(‘news/view’, ‘caseSensitive’=>false)

and now is working fine.


guys…can i ask you something?

what if i have http://xxx.me/userpassword(http://)

how can i write it down in the following rule?

http://xxx.me/<get:[)(+:=*a-z0-9]+>’ => ‘url/Urlredirect/Gethash’,

i want to capture the -> userpassword(http://) and place it to variable get

the above rule doesn’t work.

any idea?