I have a URL Manager's problem

Here is my code:

‘rules’=>array (



apache http://localhost/xx OK

nginx http://localhost/xx not very right.

Only this type of URL can visit: http://localhost/changshang/index

There is no need to post same question in two different part of the forum (you posted here and in extension - the last one I deleted)

For your problem check the .htaccess file on nginx

Sorry for post thing, i an Rookie.

.htaccess is yii’s, I don’t rewrite it.

URL Manager can change the rules of URL in YII, right?

I think yii must test in nginx when develop URL Manager.

So, my problem is that the url rules is ok in localhost with apache,

but has problem with nginx in Remote server。

As you want to use URL like http://localhost/xx

means that you are using the ‘showScriptName’=>false

and for that you need to change the .htaccess like suggested in the documentation

check here - http://www.yiiframework.com/doc/guide/topics.url#hiding-x-20x

i have done.But still not right.