I give up on the blog tutorial!

The blog tutorial doesn’t seem to work at all. The scaffolding created by Yiic doesn’t agree with the tutorial. Specifically, there are places where the scaffolding uses the variable $models and the tutorial uses the variable $posts.

It’s impossible to learn how to use this framework, if the tutorials simply don’t work!

I give up!

Fill a bug report if necessary http://code.google.com/p/yii/issues/list

The blog tutorial is fine … i used it as the base for the blogs in my site http://xtreme-football.net/index.php?r=post/index&lid=10

Gave up in Yii long ago. QCubed has fulfilled my needs.

Hi ekerazha, I like you site. what extention have you used for the menu?

Well, I download several tutorials and use them cross over to learn the framework. Yes some places in one single tutorial is not so up to date to newest framework, but there are always answers to your problems.