I failed to implement Dependent dropdown

Hi, I’m beginner in yii 2, but I have an active form to inter COUNTRY, REGION and DISTRICT through dropdownlist. But I failed to make district drop down to depend on selected region. Please can anyone help me on how to implement this ?

I found this
Did you try to use ajax? You may find tutorials (for php) using google

Go for Kartik DepDrop

I tried this, but the problem is the dropdown is not appearing, is just displaying the search icon, like it is searching

@Rainald what do you tried so far?

I tied to use kartik DepDrop

on M.ID as shown on this picture but it keep loading

Hi @Rainald, welcome to the forum.

Please show us your code, or no one will be able to help you.
What do you have in your controller, model and view regarding the dependent dropdowns?