I caught a trouble when I use Yiic as in the definitive Guide

I had use ‘yiic webapp’ to build the app sucessfully,but when I want to use ‘yii shell’,it take wrong,as followed ,thx.

F:\wwwroot\yiitest\protected>yiic shell

Error: index.php does not exist or is not an entry script file.


yiic shell [entry-script | config-file]


This command allows you to interact with a Web application

on the command line. It also provides tools to automatically

generate new controllers, views and data models.

It is recommended that you execute this command under

the directory that contains the entry script file of

the Web application.


  • entry-script | config-file: optional, the path to

    the entry script file or the configuration file for

    the Web application. If not given, it is assumed to be

    the ‘index.php’ file under the current directory.

cd <your-app-directory>

protected/yiic shell