i cant use any extension


i m beginner in this framework and im trying to use the editor extension

or the fckeditor extension but nothing work with me

can any buddy Please show me a detailed steps of installing extension

i have for example this error in the fckeditor when i try to put the editor in the protected/views/post/_form.php

Error 500

"model" have to be set!

The above error occurred when the Web server was processing your request.


could you enter the code you are using?

ok  im using yii 1.0.4

and in trying to add the fckeditor to the blog example which is came with the demo

1- extracted the extension in /protected/extensions/  As fckeditor [folder]

2- as i want to use it in the posting i added this code to /protected/views/post/_form.php

<?php  $this->widget('application.extensions.fckeditor.FCKEditorWidget',array(







	"config" => array("EditorAreaCSS"=>Yii::app()->baseUrl.'/css/index.css',),

) );  ?>

thats all

if its important im using xampp on linux os … and thank you for help


it`s look fine. I try this cody by me and work. Make sure that you do not have the error by entering the URL to the editor in browser, ie:…r/fckeditor.php

and first of all check the web server logs. Maybe you have wrong permissions to the directory?

error 404 the page not found

and i don't have ie im using linux … also i give all the folders 777 permission

any suggestions


"model" have to be set!

You have to set this configuration parameter.

In http://www.yiiframew…start.first-app you can read how to create a Datamodel. That model must exist. It must be a valid entry from the Databease (should be valid if you only edit the  [tt]/protected/model/<YOUR_MODEL>/update.php[/tt])