I cannot change colour on CGridView even rows

In CGridView

I have use ‘rowCssClassExpression’ => '"colorcode_{$data->priority}, got odd rows display colours correctly but not even rows. All the rows have class set correctly.

I also did ‘rowCssClass’=>array(‘colorcode_Low’,‘colorcode_High’)’ but it is still the same.

I also used ‘rowCssClass’=>’’ to blank out the odd/even class but the even rows still has same colour.

In firebug, there is not any class showed for even rows

No matter what I do, even rows always have same colour

Does anyone have this problem? I am using Yii ver 1.1.6

Thanks in advance

Hi, VHN,

It’s a bug in the default CSS of yii 1.1.6.

I’ve caught in the same issue.

Even row style of Blueprint screen css

Thanks Softark, changing the css fix problem. I was looking for "even" in main.css and css in the widget but did not search for it in screen.css

Thank you very much