I can only load the site view

I’ve run model and crud against 2 tables that I’ve got in the database, and they ran cleanly, creating all of the expected views, and all of the expected .php files under each view.

The problem is that I can’t access them in the browser. For example, I have a view called “category.” It has the _form, _search, _view, admin, create, index, update and view files, but when I try to access them with the following URLs:



the browser just loads the default site views:

*  View file: /Users/&lt;username&gt;/Sites/Garble/protected/views/site/index.php

* Layout file: /Users/&lt;username&gt;/Sites/Garble/protected/views/layouts/main.php

Am I missing something here? Sorry for the noob question, I’ve worked with Django in the past, but am more comfortable in php than Python, and would like to make the switch if I can.

have you configure your url already ?

if no, just use http://.../index.php?r=table1

table1 is the example name of your table