I am starting a big commerical project

I am in a midst of a big long term project (a directory portal in short), meant to generate profit for my company. I am wondering and considering, whether I should move this to an alternate business model of partnering programmers in a "Closed" open source project, and thus sharing the profit with the, partnering also meant sharing the profit. I run the business, the Guru build the code in Yii.

Do you think that will work?

I am familiar with programming in PHP but far a Guru, or a tech guy. Having said that, I am keen to discuss with a PHP Guru on this project.

On the side note, now much will such a directory like Yellowpages will cost?

Hope to hear from you all …


Are you still looking for partnering with PHP/Yii programmer?

I am interested if you have vacancy.

Let me know.



If you need a partner (PHP/Yii) i’m too interested to work with you.

Send me email if you’re interested too in our future collaborative work.


Good luck !