I Am Shocked By Yii-User

Hi there,

I installed yii-user long time ago. Today, when I checked the file : protected/modules/user/models/User.php, I found

class User extends GxActiveRecord

Can someone remind me how come like that? I mean it should be:

class User extends CActiveRecord

I have no idea… Did I myself edited it to be like that? or Yii-user itself did it?

I am asking this question because, 1) it is not a good practice to amend code directly in this way; 2) I actually want to define a new class named User that ‘extends’ both the classes from yii-user and GxActiveRecord (this was why I check the class User from yii-user and shocked lol)

Please tell me if you know about this.

And another question, if I did this myself previously, how can I define a new class that ‘extends’ both the classes from yii-user and GxActiveRecord? :P

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Now I think that was I myself copied & pasted those lines lol…

So here is the only question: How can I define a class that ‘extends’ both class User from yii-user and GxActiveRecord.

That’s not possible. The accepted answer here explains why.