I am New to Yii

I’m new to Yii and i have a lot of question about it regarding our thesis project. We are using yii framework and since we are new to it, we are having a rough time figuring some of it. I would like to ask someone who is knowledgeable of yii to help us. I’m sorry for the eager manner. Please help us. This is a way for me to graduate. Hoping for a help from you.

My suggestion to you is to start reading the forum. Lots of questions/problems have been addressed there. If not ask your question and someone will help you. The commonuty is very active

THanks for the respond. I will address my questions here later on if I have encountered problems.

$ph=new PasswordHash(Yii::app()->params[‘phpass’][‘iteration_count_log2’], Yii::app()->params[‘phpass’] [‘portable_hashes’]);

This code is a pattern, So every time this code is called. Will it generate a new pattern or the same?

If it generates a different pattern, is it recommendable for retrieving data on login? Recommendable for a password to be hashed.


Then it will store a hashed password value(eg. sler) on the db already. Which is (#hashed.sler)

But how can I do these again generating the same hash so that when I type my password (eg. sler) on the login, it will be hashed correctly again like this.(#hashed.sler)