I Am Looking For Video Tutorial/book Tutorial

Hi, I am still newbie on this yii framework and I want to learn it.I already create webapp in my wamp.But I am hanging because I have no idea how to use the yii framework…I just want to ask some help for references like video tutorial or books that will help me to create CRUD webapplication and then to advance.

Thank you in advance.

Hi, you can use:

  1. The guide.

  2. The wiki.

  3. Some wonderful ebooks:

3.1. The Yii Book

3.2. Web Application Development With Yii And PHP

3.3. Yii Application Development Cookbook

  1. Free and very good video in YouTube.

  2. If you have any question you can use:

5.1. forum.

5.2. Stackoverflow.

5.3. And finally the Google. ;)

@Masoud Sawari,Thank you for the quick reply…Thank you all also for this references I will try to read this.