Hybridauth Extension Problem

Hey guys,

I’ve recently integrated hybridauth to my yii app. It was working well until I found that sometimes (don’t know when, seems to be random) It gives me the (You cannot access this page directly error) with this callback url callback?hauth.start=Facebook&hauth.time=some_int_value

I’ve tried anything I’ve found on google about this issue but it’s not helping.

I must specify that I am using hybridauth on a subdomain. I’ve tried every possible site url on the facebook’s app page and it is still giving me that error.

Does anyone know how to solve this ? It’s a bit frustrating that this error doesn’t appear every time. I really cannot see why this is happening.

Thank you !

Hi Skylight,

When you say you’ve integrated Hybridauth into your Yii app, are you using the Hybridauth extension? If you are, there’s a thread for that extension. They may be able to help you with this.