Hybrid Rbac Configuration?

Although our user/role data is extensive and needs to be in a database, we’ve been finding that having multiple installations of the same app across servers makes it difficult to keep role-associated privileges in sync as the app develops. Those permissions tend to remain the same across all installations. The ideal, I think, would be to have a set of file based role privileges that could be managed under source code control, while user/role assignments (AuthAssignment) would remain in the DB.

Has anyone else taken this approach, or has this been addressed elsewhere that I am not seeing? Is it something that is easily supported in Yii, or would I need to write a customized hybrid that, say, extends one class or the other?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or thoughts.

[color="#ff0000"]Of course I soon found it when renewing my search after posting this. The HybridAuthManager seems to do just what I was looking for! [/color]