Humhub Modifications


Humhub >>humhub-org<< is an open source/social networking app based on the YII framework. I’m looking to make some mods to the basic codebase to have some additional functionality. This isn’t a long term deal. The mods should be reasonable for someone familiar with the YII framework. I’m hopeful that the Humhub app is built in a manner consistent with the YII/MVC processes. If you reply, it would be good for you to review Humhub as well as their docs/codebase to at least see if the app is well designed or just garbage!

The Humhub app will be stripped down, as well as modified to have additional features. The goal is to create an app (web/mobile) that serves as a basis for an app to be used as a Launchpage/pre-launch app for a a project targeting the college community.

I’m not the “dev” – used to be decades ago. However, I expect to be heavily involved in order to get this thing completed and to reduce cost. In order to do this, who ever replies/signs on for this project, will also play the role of “mentor” so I can get up to speed as fast as possible in order to hit the project targets.

There’s a limited budget for this. Ideally, you’re looking for some extra cash. If you’re a team/Sr dev this probably wouldn’t be a good match.

I’d prefer to deal with someone in North America but hey, cell phones work pretty much anywhere in the civilized world. Oh, English skills are a must – sorry!!

If you’re interested get back to me with a way to contact you.

Thanks for your time.


I would like to discuss more about your requirements.

Please mail me at: and skype me: cis.troy

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Hello TSmith,


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