huge problem with MemCache


Looks like memcached extension is not installed.

thanks! so how do i install it? :)

is this the memcached we’re talking about?

is this proof that i already have memcache installed?



or this [earlier after tweaking php.ini]



You have memcache, not memcached. It can be configured in cache config to use memcache or memcached:

can it be just configured? or do i still have to download a package [like memcache]?

i got it! thanks very much! :) i just quoted this:




                array('host'=>'localhost', 'port'=>11225, 'weight'=>60),



            'useMemcached' => true,


and unquoted this:

'cache' => array(




or changed

'useMemCached' => true


'useMemCached' => false

but everytime i redo this [unquote the first bunch of code and quote the second one] the annoying error [at the very top of this post] shows up again.

now does this affect the site if i go and upload it now into their server with the changes i made?

There are two PHP extensions: memcached and memcache. ‘useMemCached’ switches between using them. CFileCache uses file cache instead of memcached.