Huge Database And Cgridview Without Pagination

Hi all,

Is there a way to define some Ajax/JS options in CGridView widget. I read the class reference but I saw anything which could interest me so maybe there is another way do to it.

For example the widget CTreeView has an options named “options” which let us to introduce JS options as cookie options for example not manage by yii but by js directly. Then I was wondering if it existed the same for CGridView. I don’t really know upon which js plugin cgridview has been developed. But there are some options in jqgrid I think which interest me :



These options allows in gridview to load only 100 lines by 100 lines using simple scroll bar. Moreover that allows to have all the database in one grid without page, and in other side to not load all the database in same time to have better performance. This is very useful but I didn’t find something equivalent on CGridView…

So if you have some ideas about it ;) Indeed my database has some millions of entries… so pagination and simple scroll are not the best way to make them visible


You can use CListView instead of CGridView, use a js event for intercept when the user get to the botton of the page and load the next page.

There is not a ready plugin, you have to do on your own. Use CListView as base instead of CGridView, as the latter is less configurable.

CTreeView is just a wrapper for the jQueryUI components while CGridView is a Yii creation and there is no option for that (currently).

Check this similar topic for an idea -

Thanks for replies, I had already seen this topic before but this is not really what I’m seeking for. I saw an extension which wraps jqgrid from jquery in yii…( ) I’m gonna try it in order to put the options I was talking about… Hope it will work. Indeed in the tutorial of the extension author uses an xml list to display his informations… so if I have to create an xml list for each table this could have low performance… Well, thanks :)