This website isn't new, but I just rewrote the whole thing with Yii.  Previously is did not use a framework, but had very linear code.

Tell me what you think, and report bugs.

PS. oh yeah and right now you can not actually upload/contribute.  I have not re-written that part, partially because no one was really using that feature anyways.

Some pages may seem slow the first time you view them as the thumbnails are not generated yet (they generate as they are needed).

I rewrote it as I am in spring break and felt like it, but my spring break is over and now I wish I did something else.  If anyone is curious it makes about $130/year in adsense (yeahhhh…).

When clicking Free Web Backgrounds at bottom of the page I see following error:

Unable to resolve the request "resources/backgrounds".

Ah, yes all three of those links are incorrect, fixing now, thanks!

Good Site!

nice work!

great website

Many great features!



Last post in this topic is very close to 3 years ago!

i like the idea, you could script it when clicking on background image in the list to change the background of the site, just for preview. Let user user it as repeat-x, repeat-y etc. :P