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It’s a new web portal with a simple interface where you can found the best european (but not only … ) Artist’s, Designers, Fashion’s and more activities.

His purpose is to increase popularity of posted one (not only this, i’ve simplified).

With Yii i made this portal quickly, it is a real good choice for me.

I think that i’ll use Yii in my future projects, and i suggest you to do the same thing.

Nicola Roversi.

Co-Founder litePost.

Thanks for posting your page - I just spent some time browsing trough some interesting obsucrities even although I’m not very interested in Art and Accessiores :)

From the technical perspective I was wondering what you did use Yii specifically for. I see you are using an ajax loader for your main content display and I guess you are using yii to model and provide the CMS for admins and content providers.

I’d appreciate some more info about your experience with yii.

A personal impression concerning the layout: To me it looks somehow old fashioned (black strokes everywhere, and this

seemingly dull blue of the background looks not fresh or lively to me. I was wondering if this is a conscious decision

or more the lack of abilities provided by yii theming possibilities.

Greetings, Saspeed

Hi Saspeed, thank you for your feedback. :)

Yes, you guess right.

I also decided to use Yii beacause project will grow up (i hope) and i need somthing that i can modify as i want.

What kind of info? tecnical info of this project or info about me?

About me it’s my 3rd project using yii, the other 2 aren’t online now, so i can’t show you.

If you have more specifical question ask me.

For this step of the project me and other members have decided to develop a simple layout, easy to use and without help of web designer (i’m an engeneer, as you can see … :D ), in a not far future this layout will be replaced with a new one.

So, you got reason, it’s somthing old fashioned but useful for our actual needs.

Nice site ::)

Hi snik737,

Thanks for your reply and sorry for my slow response - I’m kind of busy currently.

Well I was wondering what components of the project where easy to do with Yii and

where you discovered problems or struggles where you had to work around.

Maybe this questions seem weird but I think this forum is a great opportunity to

share such insights from developing with Yii within the community.

I can tell you from my latest project, where we had to dig deeply into the various layer of Yii

to create a neat solution which required (and still requires) profound knowledge of the

Yii core classes and the underlying design patterns. To just name a few:

  • Neat & clean integration of an sophisticated perl module as a new software component

  • Implementing a clean authorization controller which had to be highly customized due to outer constraints

  • Tuning the ActiveRecord Base class to meet specific needs of our customer.

Head over to my thread in case you want to see more about this.

I don’t want you to share anything you don’t want to - I appreciate the information you already shared and I’m looking forward to the updated layout of lite-post :)

Merry Christmas,


Thank you Rohit Suthar.

Thank you saspeed for reply, so …

… me too!! ;D

My Yii’s experiences are “easier” than yours because i’ve done only project without other lenguages module implementation.

I’ve modified only project php files, not the internal framework ones, in my opinion implementation and personalization of controllers, components, models, views/layouts and extensions are simple and fast.

One of the majour struggles for me is to create a dynamic form, in my opinion the actual form’s creation with widgets is too static, for example if you want to modify automatically one or more caption after you change value of a select or a label or somthing else you have to write too many code using widgets, more than you implement bootrap (in my case) directly, so, i wonder why i have to implement a “bootstrap extension” when i can do the same thing directly, implementing it from original sources (and with the last version).

I also found that all widgets in views layer are too static, but yii easily can implement ajax requests and for me it’s a nonsense, so all public litePost’s view layer is implemented directly (without any widgets) … easier and faster!

This is the only thing that i found really improvable.


Merry Christmas!!