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Wow. Beautiful. I love it so far! Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks for a great application. On the collaboration side it, it would be helpful if you included a whiteboard with drawing capability. I am building a tutor platform which will integrate Khan Academy content through their API, and might integrate with your HumHub platform. It is wonderful that you have shared your code through open source.

Thanks again,


(Andreas Holzer) #44

Hallo Yiiastics ;D

most of You know already, that HumHub is a awesome Yii powered system. So it is time for me to ask here at the Yii community if some of you want to do us HumHub users a little favour. It would be nice if You create a bunch of modules, widgets or themes for HumHub.

At the moment there are not many developers at the HumHub community and the HumHub developer team is also not the talest, so we lack in sufficient modules, extensions or themes.

You as a developer have the chance to:

  • fill up Your personal portfolio and become well known

  • get some praise from our community

  • earn money at the HumHub marketplace

  • or just to be a kind person

Get up mate grab Your rotten old bones together, smoke the magic dragon and create us some wonderful extensions, or join one of the already started HumHub GitHub projects.

HH Music Player (needs to get finished):

HH Chat (needs to get updated to have user to user private chat and group chat feature):

HH RESTful API (needs only some fine tuning):

HH SSO (has to be updated from Yii1 to Yii2):

Kind regards from the HumHub community,

Andreas Holzer

(Rumatakira74) #45

really good work!

(Jacek Kosiorowski91) #46

This is cool project, useful and functional :D

Keep going!

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I’m using HumHub and I want to know if it possible to clone file module because I want to have two buttons

one for Single file and second button only for multiple Images, like that if a user want to upload will not be able to upload

multiple videos. so I’m wandering if it possible to clone clone file module and use it for the second button