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(Milisstudio) #1

HumHub - Open Source Social Network Kit

Free and Opensource Web Social Media Powered by Yii

Github : https://github.com/humhub/humhub

(Manu34) #2

impressive work !!!


(Alirz23) #3

I don’t have anything to say I am just blown away this is some crazy shit.

GREAT work guys.

(Gugoan) #4

Enjoyed it!

It was very cool

(Reinld17) #5

Well done! :) That looks interesting and very promising.

(Alainlf7469) #6

The theme looks very good. Did you buy it or made it from scratch?

Also took a look at the code and it seems really nice too.

Well done

(Griselstruppi) #7

Thanks a lot guys!!! :)

We built the theme from scratch…

(Milisstudio) #8

your team amazing… thank a lot… I wait convert to yii 2 :)

(Michaelebiz) #9

awesome works guys… will be a good reference for yii project development!

Would like to know those core-modules are you guys built it from scratch?..

(Louisgac Development) #10

Very impressive !


I’m going right now to integrate a project on it.

(Cinemag) #11

Amazing project and top trending on Github with 500+ stars this month (more than twice the number received by Yii2 itself, and just below Laravel!).

HumHub gives “street cred” to Yii’s claim of being a “high-performance PHP framework best for developing Web 2.0 applications” and will help give the framework even more visibility.


(Alexander Makarov) #12

Great job! Just pinned to topic. The project deserves to be featured.

(yatinmistry5130@gmail.com) #13

Great work. I have also checked. and thanks for sharing the link

(Rohisuthar) #14

It’s awesome project… great job :) :D

(Eric) #15


Great Job.

(Arvinsanandres) #16


Great team you have!

(Neoandrew) #17

This is just amazing, period.

(R Alfarizy) #18

very very very nice !!

and its opensource WOW !! salute you guys

(Jcagentzero) #19

This project just exploded my imagination!!!


(Shivcharan Panjeta) #20

Wow, you are great !

I liked this project.