HumHub - Open Source Social Network Kit

Free and Opensource Web Social Media Powered by Yii

Github :

impressive work !!!


I don’t have anything to say I am just blown away this is some crazy shit.

GREAT work guys.

Enjoyed it!

It was very cool

Well done! :) That looks interesting and very promising.

The theme looks very good. Did you buy it or made it from scratch?

Also took a look at the code and it seems really nice too.

Well done

Thanks a lot guys!!! :)

We built the theme from scratch…

your team amazing… thank a lot… I wait convert to yii 2 :)

awesome works guys… will be a good reference for yii project development!

Would like to know those core-modules are you guys built it from scratch?..

Very impressive !


I’m going right now to integrate a project on it.

Amazing project and top trending on Github with 500+ stars this month (more than twice the number received by Yii2 itself, and just below Laravel!).

HumHub gives “street cred” to Yii’s claim of being a “high-performance PHP framework best for developing Web 2.0 applications” and will help give the framework even more visibility.


Great job! Just pinned to topic. The project deserves to be featured.

Great work. I have also checked. and thanks for sharing the link

It’s awesome project… great job :) :D


Great Job.


Great team you have!

This is just amazing, period.

very very very nice !!

and its opensource WOW !! salute you guys

This project just exploded my imagination!!!


Wow, you are great !

I liked this project.