No bells and whistles, straight layout. Nice clean site. Well done, i like it. B)

Just a note: Do you use APC? The pages sometimes take some time (2-3 sec).

nice work and clean layout. I’ve noticed that the press release is not translated into english … pero eso no es un problema grave.

(I like the contact form … very … yii ;) )


What’s APC? I use SQLite as database and ActiveRecord, I have noticed that Yii creates a folder inside ‘assets’ where it saves some jquery code, anyone knows why is that? if that can be configured? I don’t need all the code it puts there, just jquery core. So I think sometimes it takes more time to load because its creating that folder.

And thanks, I’m glad you like it, the layout is nice but I have to make a revision for Internet Exporer because it doesn’t render very well :)

APC is the Alternative PHP Cache. It can drastically improve the performance of your Yii application. But it need to be installed as a PHP extension on your webserver.


Thanks for explaining. Maybe I’ll use cache for larger projects, if any, not for that one :)