Http Request with parameters


I’ve got a problem on sending http requests with Yii.

I have this http request: localhost/agri2/index.php?r=post/edit

Which will take me into the Post Controller/actionEdit method.

Which works fine.

But I’m trying to add this in my request : $sender_number=${sender_number}

And I would like for the post/edit to accept this value

Is it possible for the editAction() to be like this editAction($sender_number)?

Or are there any ways possible?


Moreover, I’m quietly confuse on how to make the http request:

I’ve tried:


localhost/agri2/index.php?r=post/edit $sender_number=${sender_number}


So, I’m kind of lost throgh this


I’m not sure if I got right what you want.

If what you want is pass a named argument to your action, you can do it like in the standard actionView($id):

    public function actionView($id) {

        $this->render('view', array(

            'model' => $this->loadModel($id, 'SomeModel'),



And you call that action using Yii helper like this:

echo $this->createUrl('someController/view', array('id' => $someId));

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