Http Request Sent


I’m a new user of YII. I was wondering, I have an http request of


${Keyword} here is a variable equated to ‘PRICE’.

So, my question is, what file am I going to create to accept this http request and any sample code. I really need help.


you can create user define file and related controller (i assume you know yii basics), now what you have to do is pass keyword or price as parameter and you can use in related controller method.

Hey Shiran,

Actually I’ve still started exploring on yii, But I got the gist on your reply. I know the controllers on Yii, but could you recommend a controller for me to use and why? Thanks. :)


as I say it will be user define, I give you example and you can justify your required controller and menthod name.

find controller/method pair below,

Like for banner management you can use banner/add, banner/update, …

for Invoice you can use invoice/client, invoice/phographer, invoice/driver …

Its good practice to use meaningful controller/method name.

and its better to refer Yii guide,wiki and forum posts for referrel.