HTTP Error 500

Hi everyone, this is my first post in this forum.

My system is Ubuntu 10.04 64bit, I have yii installed in /home/user/yii with a ln link to be able to generate a webapp from the CLI anywhere. It generates an app just fine in e.g., /var/www/demo, but I cannot get anything but error 500 on localhost/demo/index.php. I have set all permissions to 777 just to try it out, but no dice, I don’t think it’s a permissions issue. I have drupal and other apps installed in /var/www, they work fine.

I agonized over other frameworks before deciding on this one, hope I can get it going. Maybe I overlooked something in the install?

Thanks in advance,


First of all I would suggest you to install yii in the www folder… and then to check the Yii requirements - http://www.yiiframew…on#requirements

after you get it working you can move the yii folder somewhere else…

I failed to mention that, I did exactly that first, everything looks good.


Um… Check the logfiles?

This is from apache error log, is there a yii error log?

I’m not sure I am setting the correct permissions for the /var/www/demo directory, is there a recommended “generic” permissions to set on it?

Seems that you have permission error while accessing yii.php. Maybe your apache user do not have privileges to access yii.php file?

OK, I got it going… All by myself (almost) and a "Newbie" at that! :wink:

Here’s what I did. When I first installed Yii, I installed it in the /var/www/ directory. After checking all the requirements and passing them, I moved the Yii folder to /home/<user>/yii and made a symlink in /home/<user>/bin so I could make a webapp from anywhere. I understand the docs that I can do that. Well, it would never run.

So, today I made a symlink to yiic in the /var/www/yii/ folder and guess what! It works, now.

So if anyone has some specific instructions for me to get it working when yii is moved somewhere else, I would appreciate it. I would rather have the files outside of the /var/www folder. I think the hint is in the error logs,

"PHP Warning: require_once(/var/www/demo/../../../home/xxxxx/yii/framework/yii.php"

but how to change things, I don’t know.

Thanks for your replies. Now on to the next step in learning Yii.

hi …i have a problem when i create a register form in the blog then it gives error 505 Property "User.activation_key" is not defined.

any help will be appreciated…

thanx in advance