HTTP basic auth


Is it possible to do HTTP basic authentication?

When I password protect my directory in the web root, I get a "Page Not Found" error from Yii. I don't understand why/how Yii is handling a file that exists in the web root.

Any ideas?


It's definitely possible. I'm doing it currently for a webapp i'm building.

Can't really tell why it is not working for you unless you post up the contents of your .htaccess file.

AuthType Basic

AuthName "Blah blah"

AuthUserFile "/home/xyz/.htpasswds/public_html/messages/passwd"

require valid-user

Delete the .htaccess file, and the files are accessible.

Any URL i can look at for the error?


Any URL i can look at for the error?

We've deleted the .htaccess file, but it's just a regular (Yii) 404 it seems.

Don't worry too much, the necessity of the p/w protection for this resource is questionable anyway.

The name of the directory is the same as one of our controllers, but the main .htaccess is supposed to load existing files before passing the file name to Yii (which is does when there is no .htaccess file).