HTMLPurifier in Model

I am trying to use the HTMLPurifier class in my model in the beforeSave() method but the thing is that when I use $purify = new HTMLPurifier, it says that Yii cannot include HTMLPurifier.php.

Where do I put the reference to the file?

Yii offers a wrapper: CHtmlPurifier

That is what I am trying to use. Following is the code so far-

	public function beforeSave()


		// Purify the HTML

		$purify = new HTMLPurifier;

		$this->content = $purify->purify($this->content);

		die("Content: \n" . $this->content);

		return true;


When I initiate the class, it says that it cannot find it whereas it is already included in Yii. What do I do?

EDIT: I had to use new CHtmlPurifier

That’s what I said. :) Hope everything works for you now.