HTML5, jQuery UI and Yii

Hi, We are a new start up building our first website. And yes, we have planned to build our website in Yii. I am the chief architect of our website. I just want to know if any HTML5, jQuery UI frameworks can be integrated to YII framework to render a better user experience. I thought to have Yii in the business and model layer and any UI framework in the presentation layer. Please comment

SURE…we are working on it…YII with HTML5,CSS3 is very much compatible

Yes, Yii is very flexible and doesn’t force you to use any particular framework for javascript (though it has some integration with jQuery - which can be useful) or any UI helpers etc. I recommend you also take a look at the extensions on Yii as, if it is a popular library someone may have already wrapped it up ready to use with minimal fuss in Yii. This is certainly true of the Twitter Bootstrap Library.

Good luck with your application, remember to let us all see it when it’s done.

Thanks Ranjith

Thanks Callum. That’s nice. I will let you all see the app