HTML Purifier 4.0.0

Any plan on adding HTML Purifier 4.0.0 to Yii?

I noticed Yii 1.1 uses v3.2.0.

I needed to use one of the new config features from v4 and manually added it and made a small change to Yii to make it work but thought I’d mention v4 being available.

Open a report:

HTML Purifier is out-of-date again (current version is: 4.1.1), from

Hall of Shame

The following projects package HTML Purifier with their software, but are

not up-to-date. They are putting their userbase at risk of security attacks

by not keeping HTML Purifier updated. If you’re a user or developer for these projects, please

raise your voice and help to get them fixed!

Yii 4.0.0



This should be an extension, not core framework component.