Html Images With Yii/ Yiimailer

I’m using YiiMAiler to send out some emails. I have a HTML template and had just been using a link within the HTML body to show my logo and such. I’m just working on a live server. My emails on my development server came through fine. But I notice that now they don’t I just get the broken image symbol. What is the correct way around this?



I hope you’re using full url (with domain).

Actually mail clients don’t like to display external images. One possible workaround is embedding images into email body.

Yeah I’m using the full URL. I sent them to a live account from my development server ok, but they don’t seem to render when I send them from my live account. I wondered if I had something wrong or have different permissions or something.

I wasn’t sure how to actually embed the images within the email.

Try it in another mail client and see if the situation changes.

Gmail for example warns user about non-rendering images.

Anyway, it’s better to embed your images to mail body. You can use some mailing component, like SwiftMailer (I’m pretty sure there’s an extension for that).

Ok thanks, I did try a couple of clients. None rendered, didn’t even get the option to show images. Is was more like there was an issue with them.

I do have them linked to my folder though. Wondered if Those maybe were’nt accessible when live