html editor with image functionality

Hello yiiers,

is there any extension or builtIn functionality for html editor with image upload functionality?

I want this for manage page content from admin side.

Try this extension,

is it support Image Upload functionality.

i found This extension with image upload func but its removed…

yes it supports file uploads. you need to specify the action where you handle the uploaded files.

its not support image upload functionality as default.

we need to implement that from other existing editors what is bit a complex thing.

is there any yii extension which provide image upload functionality builtIn…?

You can integrate it using kcfinder.

Download kcfinder from and place kcfinder folder at root of your project.

Then you need to set filebrowserImageBrowseUrl, filebrowserImageUploadUrl option.

<?php //Example

		$this->widget('ext.editMe.ExtEditMe', array(



			'filebrowserImageBrowseUrl' => 'kcfinder/browse.php?type=files',







Thankx Vibha,

Yes, this is what i searching for,

Implemented and working fine.

+1 for answer.

I get error: like I’m not allow to perform that opperation

Open this url in your browser: http://localhost/yourproject/kcfinder/browse.php

post image if you have any error.

Also check kcfinder/config.php:

‘uploadURL’ => “../upload/kcfinder”,

here you can set your destination path.


had you check accessRules() in your controller for specific action???

You must allow particular action for user.

had you put kcfinder on particular place on root like,

  • protected

  • themes

- kcfinder

and place editMe extension in protected\extensions\

and then follow above code…

and if this not work, can you post your error message?

Hi, I got the same error as fouss,

  • I’ve placed editMe under protected/extension

  • I’ve placed kcfinder in the root

  • I’ve allowed action “upload”, “browse”, and “kcfinder”

but when try to upload or browse file I get not allowed errors…

I got access denied access error also when visiting directly myaddress/kcfinder/browse.php

Which kind of action do I have to allow in my controller?

Sorry to bother, I find out that if I set:

'disabled' => false,

in the kcfinder/config.php it works.


same with me … I don’t know why!