HTML editor in Yii


I want to use Yii for my new project. i use PRADO for long time, actually i love many components of Prado.

Can you tell me if TinyMCE for HtmlArea in PRADO exists in Yii, if not how we create a HTML editor in Yii? is it build-in.

I need to ensure everything is ok before starting new Yii application.



Had the same question, Didn't really found anything about an editor but using the Widget you can actually create one with your preferred HTML editor.

ya, i believe we can. But it will better if Yii has that widget, right? Lack of controls, IDE support will make users hard to use framework. I hope Yii developers have enough time and money to make Yii the best framework.

Yii is just in it's beginning phase, I believe it will be extended and expanded from time to time. I also will need to use a rich text editor so once i make a widget/extension i will be sure to post it here for others to use as well.


Yes, we will add one, perhaps in 1.0.2 or 1.0.3 release.

It is not too difficult to be created. We just need time to evaluate which is the best way to develop a core widget.

You may refer to CMaskedTextField if you are developing such a widget.

I'm working on a TinyMCE input widget, based on the control from Prado. Once it's done it'll be on the extensions repository.


I've created an extension for an integration of the FCKEditor.