htaccess or UrlManager

I would like to style my url a little bit.

from this:[]=1&cat[]=2&x=150&y=171

to this:

remark: cat[]=? can be there zero, one or more (max 6) times.

is this something i’ve to solve in htaccess? and how?

or can yii’s urlManager help? and how?

There is already fixed htaccess rule. You do not need to change it.

Url Manager can do what u want.

Read this post carefully

any example?

Have you read carefully documentation article, elbek provided you or you just waiting for someone to do this for you?

I understand that urlManager topic is quite hard do understand, especially by someone (like me), who doesn’t get regular expressions to well. But on the other hand, this topic is written very well and has a lot of good examples.