ht://Check Web Manager

Hi everyone, this is my project for the three years university degree.

I’ve developed ht://Check Web Manager that is a web-based application to manage ht://Check and to view scans results and report.

ht://Check is a web interface for the management of multiple crawlers, in a multi-user scenario.

You can manage multiple people, each managing their own website and let them decide (or not) when to perform a scan.

The interface lets you also display results.

Main Developer: Emanuele Ricci <>

ht://Check it’s a crawler that allow you to scans monitored websites to do accessibility and usability checks, find brocken links (incoming and outgoing ) and so on. For more informations about ht://Check please visit

I used Yii Framework as a PHP Framework and I’ve presented it to my university with my case study. I hope they will use it in their infrastructure. At the moment ht://Check Web Manager it’s used on the public administration of Prato in Italy and I will try to expand the usage of it to others public administrations and industries.

As you can see the project it’s hosted on GitHup.

I’m upgrading it to Yii 1.0.5 and fixing some bugs. I hope to release ht://Check Web Manager 1.0.1 before the new years.

Thank you very much for your time. And please consider contributing to ht://Check to add more accessibility and usability checks :)

Nice job…

I just pulled the code… and made the install… and would like to write you what I have found…

On the install screen "Pre configuration" for the postgres database you write the command to create the database, but for mysql there is no command to create the database…

After the install is finished… I go to index.php… log in with my credential created on install… and when I choose “view profile” or “update profile” I’m getting this error

Error 404 - The system is unable to find the requested action "-1".

Ok maybe I need to write some more documentation.

As I said, ht://Check Web Manager is based on ht://Check so you need to install ht://Check before.

ht://Check it’s a linux based software, you can simply install it on ubuntu with the command

sudo apt-get install htcheck

htcheck at the moment support MySQL but I want to extend it to support also PostgreSQL.

At the moment I’m trying to understand how can I track bugs, suggestions and requests on GitHub.

Anyway, many changes has been made and will be released on the next major version.

The actual version was only a temp release to allow me to public the thesis :)

I don’t have installed the ht://Check but the error I wrote you above, does not have anything with this (I think)

When I log in… the horizontal menu "View profile" has this link - http://lh/htcheck-we...hp/user/-1.html

If I enter the URL without the minus then it works… so it seems you have a small bug in the application… instead of 1.html it looks for -1.html :)

That’s really strange…

So this are the steps:

  • installed the htcheck web manager

  • logged in with your profile

  • passed the login

  • view profile show you that error?


I looked at the source code a bit… in the main.php you have this code

			if ( !isset($u) )

				$uid = -1;


				$uid = $u->id;

So here the $u is not set…

In the SiteControler->actionIndex() have this variable $u, but it’s scope is only for that function… or I missed something…

It was a temporary work around for a problem that I found. I fixed it now.

I will commit the “experimental” branch tonight or tomorrow :)

Anyway, consider that I’m still studying Yii to understand and learn how to write a good code and optimize everything.

So every suggestions, critics or help is always appreciated :)

I’m continuing developing ht://Check Web Manager on the new experimental branch

Please clone and use this, it has bugfixes, enchantments and changes up to date :)

Just tryed… the link error is gone… there is a new one :)

I made the install from the beginning… logged in… and when I go to "create crawler" there is this error:

Checked in the database… there is a table "configuration" but there are no "crawler_configuration" table…

Damn me :D I updated the local mysql / postgresql but I forgot to dump it in the git :D

It will be done in this day :)

Thank you very much for the feedback :)