Howto Set A Default Value For An Input Field In Member List


I use the extension [b]multimodelform.


I have a dropdown list in the member list of the form. The selected value of the last row should be copied when creating a new row. In other words: The last selected value should get the default value for this data field.

I realized that there is a hidden row in the multiModelForm member table. All data fields in this hidden template have an empty value and if it is a dropdown list, there is no value selected.

How can I set a default value to one or more template input fields?

You can set the option ‘clearInputs’ (default=true) of the js-plugin.

If false, the new row will keep the values of the cloned row (=the last in the list)

This should work:





Ok, this option only works for me with text input fields. If the input field is a dropdownlist it does not keep ( = copy) the selected item in this list. Can you help me to manage this?

Many thanks in advance.


Since version 5.0 of the extension multimodelform it works. If the option


is set, then the selected value of a dropdownlist is copied into the new row.